This is my first year as a resident assistant and you can bet that I am pumped! My older sister was one for two years and, after hearing her stories and seeing all the fun the RA’s in my building had last year, I’m super excited to begin decorating my floor and being there for the girls when they need me. As a journalism major, writing and documenting comes naturally to me, so this blog is perfect. Plus, I thought I might be able to help out other RA’s who might need inspiration. Let me give you the quick details about my floor so you’ll know my goal for the year.

     My building is nine floors tall, with the top eight being residential living. It is an all girls dorm and I am on the seventh floor. There are 24 bedrooms per floor which means (assuming there are two girls per room, one kitchen, and I have my room to myself) there are 45 girls per floor and 360 girls total. We have two hall directors that live on the first floor and three BSA’s (Building Services Attendants) that keep our building sparkling!

     I hope I can help you out throughout the year! If you have any tips you’d like to send me to post on the site, check out my Contact page. I would love to hear from you!